Bobo Nilson – the artist

Bobo Nilson, born 1977, is a Swedish artist who studied art and design in the United Kingdom during the mid 1990’s.

 Since then he has developed his personal style through very much an autodidact manner, building on his own knowledge, mistakes and successes to now produce unmistakable paintings (see menu for samples) for a local and ever more far reaching audience. He works from his studio situated south of the town of Båstad in Southern Sweden.

With his love for the subtle beauty that exists in sadness and sorrow he portrays everyday objects, people, animals and landscapes in a very clinical manner, looking for the detail in the nothingness that exists around us. To Bobo, realism is not just a natural depiction of what he sees in front of him, it is a possibility to lure the viewer into not seeing what is in front of them. To see the whole of the painting is therefore an art form in itself, but, for the viewer, not always the artist!